Hello, my name is Rabemah, I was the Leader of the Day (Líder del Día) today. Today we had the opportunity to visit a school named FAE in San Juan de Llullundongo. FAE was started in 1969 by the Ecuadorian Air Force. The school serves the children of Llullundongo, San Miguel, Guaranda, and other rural communities. The school is a representation of hope to the communities around it because it shows that there is hope for the children in these rural communities to achieve more. Despite the hope that this school represents, it is extremely underfunded. We as Glimpsers are going to help as much as possible to make a difference in the school and in the students learning experience.

From today’s tour and the interviews that we had with the staff, we learned the school is from k-11 grade then after students have to move to another school to advance. However, many students in these rural communities are not able to advance because their families are simply not able to afford money for transportation to the new school. We also learned that many students have to walk up to 1 hour to get to school. Many teachers feel that this is dangerous for students to walk with their extremely heavy textbooks such a long distance because in the long term the children will develop back problems. Therefore, the FAE staff suggested if the school had bookshelves to store the books it would best for the students. From the teacher’s testimony, we concluded that they had a lot of dedication to have their students succeed. Teachers who live far away from school wake up at 5 am in the morning to get to school at 7 am. In addition have tutoring after school and when school is out in July for the students to succeed.

I was very surprised at the way the community is involved in the school. Since the school is in a rural part of Ecuador they receive very little funding from the government and the local government. The community pitches in money to meet the school’s needs as much as possible. Also, the community is apart of every single project from building more classrooms to assisting Global Glimpse with their CAP projects.

The most inspiring part as LDD (Líder del Día) was seeing how passionate the staff were about getting their students to achieve more and be more. In the US, we know teachers are passionate about their students achieving more and being successful in life.  The staff at FAE demonstrate how passionate they are about the school, their job, and how important their student’s success is to them. To demonstrate how passionate they are, they told of a story where a student was not able to go to school anymore because the mother had a terrible accident. The student’s choice was to drop out and work to help out the family. However, the teachers pitched in money to keep the student in school. This story shows that every student matters and their success matters to the teachers. When people say that “a child is raised by the village”  the community of Llullundongo perfectly fits this saying.