Hola Estados Unidos! 


Como estas? After an early morning wakeup of 6:30 and a delicious breakfast at Don Carlos, we headed off to El Rancho Mila. El Rancho Mila is a permaculture farm based on the ideas of respect for humans, nature, and sustainable agriculture. Here the students learned about different soil types, native plants and their functions, and how to make a profit while restoring the environment. After an educational (and hot!) tour, we were ready to head off to a tasty lunch at Don Carlos. The sun was especially intense today, so after lunch, we were allowed to have some chill time and converse with the Eco Club students again. We played a game similar to charades called “Salad Bowl,” where the Eco Club students spoke in English and the Redwood students spoke in Spanish. Then we headed to the beach to watch the sunset and hang out in the water. By the time it got dark, Don Carlos was calling our names once again. We just can’t get enough of his food! Then we headed out for a debrief in the hostel, led by our Ecua-American leaders, us! We asked the group: what made you smile today? We’re currently packing up for our stay at the beach, which we’re super excited for. Great talking to you guys. Miss you, but we’re never coming back!

Nos vemos!

Leaders of the day,

Ashley Kraynak, Alexa Karman, Nic Murgel, and Theo Northrop


P.S. We will be camping tomorrow night, so updates will be sent once we have wifi!