Hello all! I apologize for the delays with the blogs, I have faced various internet/computer problems over the past few days. Missing the group and hope you/they are all doing great things back home – Kenneth


Hola de Bahia!

This morning was a bit of a rough one, since we woke up the earliest we have so far. Needless to say, 6:30 wasn’t a popular wake up time. 

After we crawled out of bed, we went over to Don Carlos where we ate delicious papaya and scrambled eggs with bell pepper. It was a calm morning filled with good food and good people. 

Enjoying fresh Maracuya juice with natural straws

Once we finished our tasty breakfast, we hopped on a bus and traveled across Ecuador’s longest bridge to Rancho Mila, a permaculture farm. There, we met husband and wife Oti and Brunella who are both very passionate about environmental sustainability (#couplegoals). We went on a tour of their gorgeous agro-ecological farm consisting of numerous plants and herbs. While being educated about composting, we tasted some fresh passionfruit. Some people even chose to mix a bit with their water to create a passionfruit juice. After the tour, Brunella gave us some of her homemade cheese, which was quite popular with the group. To finish it off, we stopped by their gift shop to buy some cacao nibs and other goodies to remember the place by. 

Next we went back on the bus back to Don Carlos for a scrumptious lunch. We had a munchy spinach soup, and yummy burritos with rice.

Afterwards we took a bus and arrived at Fanny to create art and craft projects with eco-club students and also meet up with a few of them for the last time. We taught them a few American dances, and played the ukulele. There we made bamboo piggy banks and pencil holders, as well as a few cups. 

As the day was coming to a close, we went down to the beach with some of the eco-club students. We watched the sunset while playing volleyball with feet, and swimming against the waves. We then walked back to Don Carlos and said some emotional goodbyes to some of the eco-club students. Once they left, we enjoyed another good meal which was Bolon, an Ecuadorian dish filled with fried plantains and cheese. 

Today was certainly a day of reflection, where we all thought about how we can do things in our communities to help the environment and be more sustainable (not just environmentally, but other ways such as socially and mentally as well). We also realized that we have to be more mindful in our everyday lives with what we buy. We’re excited for tomorrow, and the adventures we’re going to have to close off this incredible experience.

Hasta Luego,

Sara, Jenny, Aidan, Martin

P.S shoutout to Per-Olof Persson and Kristin Ceder-Persson.