We woke up at 6:30 am and started our day to a wonderful breakfast! Thanks to Miguelito. After having about 10 minutes after breakfast to get prepared for our day, we hopped on a safari bus to Aguas Blancas. Arriving at Aguas Blanca, we, as a group, were immediately amazed by the view. We couldn’t wait to hike to the top. After about 10 minutes of the hike, we arrived at our first destination which was the midpoint of the waterfall. Continuing for 15 minutes, we finally reached the top of the waterfall. We were speechless by the sight. Also at the top, Denver gave a few motivational words to push the group through the day. After making our way down, we continued towards the river/waterfall. It was such a beautiful sight at the bottom of the waterfall! After a few of us decided to take a dip in the river, we left and headed back to the hotel for lunch.

After lunch, we headed back out to do more sightseeing. After 20 minutes, we arrived at Divino Niño which directly translates to Divine Child in English. Divino Niño was a statue of baby Jesus created by Antonio Manuel Camilo. Camilo was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. He promised Jesus that if he were to be healed he would build this statue in his honor. Fortunately, Camilo was healed and able to build the statue. We reached the top and saw the exquisite view. It seemed like we were able to see the entire town of Constanza from here. At the bottom of Divino Niño, we stopped by the souvenir shop and picked up some goodies. Then we went back to the hotel and started to prepare for our Community Action Project Panel.

After being given an hour to prepare, it was finally time for the long-awaited Panel. With nervousness around the room, the community council leaders started to arrive. When the community leaders arrived, we began to explain to them our ideas for our action project. Our action project is to provide Cañada de Los Gatos with another tank of water and also filters so the water that they are going to receive is clean. This panel was to provide the community council with our specific plan on how we were going to do this. Luckily, the council agreed to our plan and enjoyed our refreshments. This was the start of an incredible community project. We can’t wait to begin working on the project on Friday!