Today we traveled to the communities of El Chorro and San Francisco. We talked to many representatives in each community but one person in particular stood out: Carlos Corcino. Carlos is from El Chorro and serves as the president of the community association. He is the glue to the community and is the voice of thousands. In the community of El Chorro, there used to be a lot of crime and families felt unprotected. The children had no initiative or aspirations for their futures and people couldn’t get jobs if employers found out that they lived in El Chorro. It is because of Carlos and many other community members that upheld their faith that against all other odds, they became an example to other communities in Constanza.

While also traveling to San Francisco we found out how this community is bringing change little by little. With the help of the parent association, neighborhood association, and many community members big changes are coming to San Fransisco. Together we are proposing what we can do that will best benefit the community.

It is with communities and people like Carlos, that positive change comes from their seemingly unfortunate circumstance. Those people uphold their hope and motivation to better themselves and their communities. Carlos mentioned that it is not how rich you are but the love you have that drives you to do better for others. Reflecting back to home, we notice that places like New York seem to be all about independence. We isolate ourselves and prevent ourselves from making real and necessary change. Coming together and talking to people who are different from you are what spark the necessary change we need to make a more unified and humble community.