Hey there Glimpser Family! It’s our pleasure writing today’s blog! Today’s theme was living off of $1! Yes. You read right. ONE DOLLAR. Imagine that! We began the challenge yesterday night. We had no electricity…One candle….AND ONLY ONE BUCKET TO SHOWER WITH! Everyone had to either shower at NIGHT in COMPLETE DARKNESS or in the EARLY MORNING (5:00 A.M) with REALLY COLD WATER! Though it seems bad, it was quite fun to listen to everyone’s squeals through the thin walls of the hostel.

To begin our day, we woke up at 5 A.M, which meant 4:30 A.M for the leaders (Us.) After showering, we had pork tamales at Alfredito’s and left for the community of Isiqui. Let us just tell you, it was the most beautiful location we’ve been to yet! There were very green mountains, fresh air, especially because it just rained, and a breath-taking river. Once we arrived at Isiqui, we were then introduced to our host families for the day. Two or three of us were divided into each home.

Because both of us are not fluent in Spanish, it was a little troubling communicating with our families but we had a blast trying to convey what we had to say through sign language. Vivian cooked enchiladas, diced tomatoes, and washed lettuce. Joanna babysat and swept the house (thanks mom for training me to sweep on the mountain :)). Other Glimpsers also cleaned pig pens, made tortillas, and went to the river.

To end our day with the community we hosted a bunch of games such as hitting the pinata, pin the tail on the donkey, making friendship bracelets, and playing soccer. A lot of the kids stole our candy bags and got princess wands and puzzles. We then presented a gift to the community leader. VIVIAN AND JOANNA SPOKE SPANISH TO THANK THE LEADER! HORRAHHH!

Fun aside, the entire experience was EYE-OPENING.  We were able to see how these families lived with complete moderation, especially compared to our own lifestyles back at home.  At no point did it seem like any of the houses actually needed an “upgrade” in order to be functioning properly.  We were really blown away by how family-orientated every household was – every chore was shared, and the entire community seemed to be connected.

After our excursion from Isiqui we went back to the hostel to prepare for our English tutoring classes. After our tutoring sessions today we were surprised by our coordinators because they had prepared a mini July 4th celebration, fireworks, cake, and late night karaoke (GIRLS GOT IN FOR FREE AND GUYS HAD TO PAY MUAHAHA). One of our GG leaders Helene even had a beautiful solo, in English of course and everyone hit the dance floor.  After that we got home and slept a good nights rest.

So all in all our time today at Isiqui was an unforgettable experience; one that we will never forget. We all got not only got first hand exposure to poverty in Nicaragua, we also gained a second family that welcomed us with open arms. Today was inspiring and made all of us reflect upon our lives as well as others around the world.




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