We hope everybody is having a splendid time at home. It is Brandon and Cameron here from Esteli, Nicaragua!

Today was the first official CAP Delivery Day and it was a success. To explain to those of you who don’t know what CAP is, it stands for Community Action Project. As you may have guessed, our project is designed to help soon-to-be mothers at the Casa Materna. To benefit the community, the group collectively decided to renovate the garden where mothers can relax and spend time with their new children. The garden is not only a place for relaxation, but a place for education. Nurses there teach the prospective mothers how to use everyday garden plants for medicinal and practical applications.

Specifically, we are constructing a retaining wall that will prevent the rain water from flooding the in-law building. In addition to this wall, we are designing a mural and making a pathway to make the mothers feel at home. Today, we made significant progress by clearing the dirt that is blocking the wall’s path. We have dug trenches and placed solid blocks in order to pour cement for our foundation. The pathway has also been completed today with stones that have been repurposed from the dirt dug from the trenches.

Currently, the group is in high spirits because our progress is ahead of schedule. For now we are signing off but expect us to be finished with our CAP project by Monday.