Hello family, friends, and supporters! As you have likely heard by now our flight for today was cancelled. We are staying one more night. For families who are meeting your children at the airport, here are the details: Maya and Ramel will be on Jet Blue flight #36 and will land in JFK at 1:48am on Tuesday the 18th. We are still trying to switch one of the Global Glimpse Leaders to Ramel’s and Maya’s flight. The rest of us are on flight #236 and will land in JFK, Jet Blue Terminal 5 at 5:21am on Tuesday the 18th. Please expect us to take 30 minutes to get through customs and claim our luggage. See you all soon!

Yesterday was supposed to be  final day in Constanza; it was a very emotional day for everyone. Throughout this trip there were many bonds created, and a strong source of human connection between everyone. In the beginning it was awkward because everybody had formed their own cliques but eventually at the end we were one big family.

It was final reflection day, and we had to reflect on the whole trip. We discussed what we’ve gained and learned throughout this experience. Dominican Republic and New York City seemed like two different worlds but at the end we all realized that they are similar. This experience has taught us (in particular me as ELDD) that anybody can make a positive impact if motivated to do so. We can all make it far in life and now we are more aware of the world surrounding us. The third delegation in Constanza is ready to go back to the states!


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