Hello everyone! Jacob here. Today was our last full day in Riobamba, focused on reflection of the whole trip. We had a big portion of the morning dedicated to reflecting over what we learned during our time in Ecuador – about culture, history, and each other. There was plenty of misty eyes as we talked about all the fun we had as group, and how much we’ll miss each other.

We will also certainly will miss our in-country coordinators – Hector and Fernanda. We made big cards saying thank you, and celebrated Hector’s birthday (which is on the 27th) during lunch at Rayuelas. Everyone enjoyed today’s lunch of cheeseburgers and fries (although the vegetarians were just given a salad between hamburger buns).

Being leader could certainly be stressful at times, as I had to make sure everyone made it from the restaurant to the hostal using taxis. But being leader is an important job that requires confidence and being able to put your foot down. The second part was certainly hard for me though, as my voice doesn’t exactly reach a volume that everyone can hear on a loud bus or restaurant.

Today was also the day of our big talent show. We journeyed to the English Learning Institution, which has a giant theatre that could fit everyone from the school, along with some of our students that we taught for the last two weeks. We all performed spectacularly, and I am sure we all had an amazing time there. I myself memorized a poem and recited it by myself in front of the audience. It was definitely scary, but hey, isn’t getting out of our comfort zone what this whole trip was about? See you all soon.


*Hey Mom, Dad, and Ambar! I’m leaving tomorrow! The wait is over lol

*Last day here pops! –Christian

*To Helena’s family & friends: We’re all so sad that tomorrow is the last day! We’ve all connected with one another, and I don’t want to leave them, but I’m so happy I’ll be able to speak with and see you all – I love and miss you so much <3               -Laynie

*Hi Mom and Dad! Today was a great day, actually performed a musical number in front of an audience! See you guys really soon!              Love, Marcus

*Hi Amma and Appa! Can you please bring me pizza or Chinese food or indian food when you come to pick me up? Excited to see you all J -Sandhya

*”Hey Mom and Takeo, I am very happy to see you guys soon, but still a little sad because I fell in love with Ecuador. Love you guys and see you soon!”           -Licette

* Hey Dad – Please don’t forget to pick me up on the 27th at SF! We’ll be there around noon. Miss you all! –Jay