Hello Glimpser Families,

My name is Janise “Jay” Powell and I attend James Logan High School. Saturday was a day filled with joy, laughter and competition. We walked to a nearby high school, where we played futbol (soccer) against and with the other Esteli delegation, our bus drivers, and students from the school. Although the day had its ups and downs, we came together and looked out for each other. I was so proud as leader of the day to see that my delegation had not only my back, but wanted what was best for everyone (including the other delegation). My follow global glimpsers showed me that a good leader has the whole team in mind when making any decision. Saturday was truly a bonding experience for our delegation, and showed that as individuals we are great at making an impact, but when we stand as one, we make history.

Janise “Jay” Powell

P.S. Hi Mommy, Bug, Mookie, Chausy, Aunty Pam, Uncle Shawn, and Darriel! I miss you, and thank you for supporting me throughout this life changing trip. God has kept me safe and opened my eyes to an unseen world of struggle and possibility. Love you and see you soon.