Picture: On top of Cerro El Calvario

Today we learned about the history of Nicaragua and the beauty of Matagalpa. The day started with an engaging “mental warm up” on the history Nicaragua, then we broke up into groups and visited the parks, the Cathedral, the coffee museum, and Carlos Fonseca Museum. After lunch we had a guest speaker Sonia Hernandez who told us about her life as a soldier during the revolution in Nicaragua. Then she took us to Heroes y Martyrs Museum, where she showed us what it was like living in the mountains during the time of the revolution.

After the museum we went to Cerro el Calvario, which overlooked Matagalpa, it was a sight to be seen. When we went down from the Cerro el Calvario, we were treated with a surprise of Eskimo Ice Cream. Nothing was better then an amazing ice cream on a hot and humid day. After dinner we had an Education Seminar to prepare us for tomorrows amazing and full day about education.