Today was a busy day!  The question of the day was “How important is history to the development of a country and what role does history play in current events?”

After breakfast we started off with an energizer and learned that we knew more Spanish words and phrases than we thought. Spanish speakers Karla, Cris, Miguel, Colleen, and Rosa gave encouraging words and supported the group by role playing in conversational Spanish.Next, we engaged students in a history seminar where students reflected on the question of the day.

Afterwards, we took the bus to one of the highest points in Matagalpa, Cerro El Calvario. We had a panoramic view of the city. It was spectacular. After lunch we were treated with historian, Sonja, an ex revolutionary fighter. We listened to her stories of war, her near brush with death, and her fight for women’s rights.  Her story was inspiring and students asked very thought provoking questions. (See picture attached).

Students also participated in a history challenge game which was full of laughter, cooperation, and camaraderie. We ended the evening with the nightly meeting where students further reflected on the question of the day and the first Student of the day was presented.

Tomorrow, Lexie will facilitate the day’s activities and write the daily blog. We are very excited!

Global Glimpse Leaders,

Anakarita and Denise



Group Pic with Sonia