Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet a community in a foreign country and have a conversation with them about their daily lives? Would you expect them to be kind or shy? Well, today the Global Glimpsers had the opportunity to do so!

The community that we plan to partner with to do our Community Action Project was kind, friendly, and even made us laugh a few times with their jokes when we spoke with them to learn about their community needs. The scenery was beautiful, something out of a postcard. It was surrounded by mountains and agriculture that they personally farm. However, we did not simply go to enjoy ourselves. All of us knew our mission, to learn as much as possible about them. We had our hearts set on completing a community action project that would be beneficial, well thought-out, and most importantly wanted by the community.

After having many detailed conversations with the leaders of the community we went to the planning stage. To achieve a successful C.A.P (Community Action Project), we looked for guidance from a professional. This is why we are extremely grateful that Carlos Corcino took the time to come speak with us about his many experiences working with communities right after working a long day at work. His stories made it clear that he was motivated and would do anything to help any community in need, but he made it clear which way was correct. He said “If you give a man a piece of bread, he would still be hungry tomorrow. But if you teach a man how to make bread, he would be set for life. This quote touched me and helped everyone in Global Glimpse understand how important it is to do a C.A.P that sets long-term relief and not short-term solutions.