Hello Family and Friends of J1C Glimpsers,

We know you all are excited for the upcoming return of the students on Sunday night/ Monday morning, so we wanted to update you all with their flight information:

The students will be arriving at SFO at 12:01AM, Aug 8 on Avianca flight #560 into the International Terminal. Just a quick reminder it usually takes around half an hour for the students to get off the plane and get their bags.

Feel free to track the flight details at http://www.flysfo.com

Here is their detailed flight information so you can be ready for their arrival at the airport:

TA 397 MGA –> SAL 5:30 PM- 6:20 PM AUG 7

AV 560 SAL –> SFO 7:10 PM – 12:01 AM AUG 8

The Global Glimpse Staff