Hello All! My name is Kaylah Tucker and I currently go to School of the Future located on 23rd Street in New York City. It is a bit of a commute to get to school everyday because I live in Brooklyn. On a good day, it takes about 40 minutes to get to school once I am on the train. However, trains usually act up so that is rarely the case. The amount of trains I take varies from 2 to 3. It’s fun but could be a constant hassle and a rush to get to school on time. This is what New York City is for me: A coffee-driven place filled with crowds immersed in spontaneity. It’s really all I’ve ever known, which is why when I was nominated for Global Glimpse, I jumped at the chance to experience a new culture. Even though I LOVE my city, I think it’ll be nice to get away from constant high energy and experience a more real and stripped back environment.
Just to list a few things about me; I love photography and playing sports like Basketball, Volleyball, and Handball. Also, I love to dance and am an avid music listener!
I’m hoping that my work in Ecuador will teach me a few things on how to improve my neighborhood and many communities all over NY. It will also allow me to really see how poverty affects families and how Ecuadorians don’t take money for granted. Here in New York, what we call minimum wage is breakfast, lunch, and dinner for them. Although I am a bit nervous, I’m excited to learn about the country first-hand, make new friends in the beautiful country, and enjoy the Patacones and other delicious foods with my fellow Glimpsers.
With that, Riobamba, Aquí Vengo!