Bienvenido equipo Riobamba, Ecuador!

This is team Riobamba 2  sending a personal bienvenida to our journey!  We are very excited for your visit to our site this summer and wanted to send some helpful tips and information so that you are better prepared for your upcoming trip. But first, let’s introduce ourselves!

My name is Cristiana, originally from Nicaragua,  but I have been very blessed to travel and live in many countries. Since I was 2 years old, I moved to Mexico, back to Nicaragua, and then went to Kansas, USA for college where  I studied Business Management with a minor in Environmental Studies since I believe that both are the future for a better balanced life. Then I went back to Nicaragua and now am in Ecuador (and plenty of countries in between). I learned so much about each country’s history, culture and people and travel helped me realized that we humans are so connected. Therefore, I feel attracted to education and people and Global Glimpse is the perfect combination of both. I love the themed days and the teachable moments, as well as the approach GG takes towards tourism, community projects, local partners and the bonds we form during those 16 days. Can’t wait to meet you all and have a great journey together! 🙂

My name is Paco, I’m Ecuadorian. My experience with people from other countries goes back to the time when I was a teenager, we were a host family for several years. In recent years I have worked as a teacher with volunteers from World Teach and as an interpreter for a Korean Agency in Riobamba. Every visitor has been an influence in my life to expand my perception of the world and its variety. I really like to hear people’s stories and how they have changed and who they have become to this point in life and time. I studied Graphic Design in university and applied to work with GG because I like to interact and get to know people from different cultures, backgrounds and see how adaptable they become with the circumstances. What’s my fuel? I try to give back what people gave to me long ago. Many of the people I have met in the past were of invaluable in forming who I am today.

We are really looking forward to having you share your knowledge with the group and help make this trip even more transformative for the students. Be ready, open minded and have fun!!!