Hello Glimpser families! It’s Destiny Vigil again to tell you all about our adventurous day. We started off by getting up early and heading to the town of Somoto. Our tour guides for the day took us to a small local store that sold homemade sweet tortillas made out of corn and wrapped in corn husk. We got to learn the process of making these tortillas and even ate some. When we were finished we got a chance to go to a local women’s home and got to see how her family made tortillas, which they sell. Some of us grind the corn for the tortilla dough, while others got a chance to shape the tortillas and prepare them to be be cooked.This was a great learning experience and we all had a lot of fun. Then we headed to the Rosquilla factory which is also in Somoto. Although the name says factory, it is really a medium sized family owned business which employs only a few people. We got to see the rosquilla dough being rolled up into hundreds of small circular shapes by hand, put into enormous hand made clay ovens to bake, and then we got to devour a bunch of them. Some of us even bought a bag or two of the rosquillas to take home to our families. 


After all the eating was done we went to the breath-taking Somoto Canyon. We started with a twenty minute hike to the canyon, then we got to swim as well as float through the cold rivers. During this time we got to jump off large rocks ten feet in the air, down into the refreshing water. Many animals and insects were sighted such as bats, tiny fishes, large jumping water spiders, and even a dead iguana that had all the girls, including myself, screaming our heads off. Once we got to the deep end of the canyon waters we got on two small boats that were paddled by Nicaraguan men and took us the the end of our route.

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After this long amazing experience we got back on the bus and headed back to the hostel.Once everyone showered and was cleaned up from the earlier activities we walked to our English Tutoring Classes. We separated into our normal english groups: basic, intermediate, and advanced, and got to work. All of the glimpsers were working hard with our students and gave our best so that they were actually getting a good opportunity to learn English. Many of the activities that were done varied from playing games to help the students learn occupations, singing “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” to help them learn body parts, and having advanced conversations to let the students put there teachings into practice. All of our classes and groups were successful and everyone was having a great time.

Also, the last two nights many of the glimpsers, including some of the boys, went to an amazing dance/ aerobics class for our free day, at a private high school. The trainer was really enthusiastic as well as the class. We danced none stop for about an hour to various different genres. We danced to snipets of cumbia, salsa, 50’s music, and much more. The moves involved hip rolling, palo de mayo moves, squats, jazz hands, leg kicking, and much more. Because this class was literally non-stop and we had no breaks, we all got a great work out and were dripping sweat! This was definitely a great activity to do on our free day.

Mindy, Genean, Kevin, Heather, Michael and Henrietta all sweaty after our aerobics/dance class.

Mindy, Genean, Kevin, Heather, Michael and Henrietta all sweaty after our aerobics/dance class.