Today we woke up bright and early (some of us before the first wake up call, which was at 6:00am) why? Because we wanted to sign up to be the next El Lider Del Dia! Today’s academic theme was “culture” and our quote of the day was “Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures” (César Chávez). We went to la comunidad Tomatoya: the cooperative with San Expedito Ceramica Negro also known as La Curenas. Las Curenas is a well-known place to make pottery. We were lucky to have the opportunity to make our own ceramic plate with the help of the president of the cooperative, Luz Marina and her partners. We also made our own rosquillas, which is a traditional sweet dish of Nicaragua.

During dinner, we had a friendly competition and serenaded our leader of the day (Nelly), which we made really proud! A folklore teacher named Oreste, Altamira came by from Managua to teach us some amazing dance moves. We all danced the three main folklore songs of Jinotega & even salsa. He was amazed on how quickly we learned the dance moves and said we were “superstars.”

During our nightly meeting we met our new Leader of the day for tomorrow! After showing her great drawing skills, Mithila earned the famous GG necklace! We can’t wait to see her lead and shine! It was definitely a day that we will all remember.

Sending our loved ones lots of hugs, we will see you all soon!

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