Enjoying lunch in our tropical courtyard.

Hello from the beautiful city of Matagalpa!  We had a whirlwind of traveling today but we’ve all made it safely.  After saying our goodbyes at the airport, we all made it on our flights easily!  Those of us traveling together from SFO had a quick and easy layover in El Salvador, before landing in Managua.  In Managua, we met up with our awesome in-country coordinators, Skarleth and Alex, who greeted us with a warm welcome, making us feel so positive and excited for the trip!  We also met up with 6 other Glimpsers who are joining us from across the country.

After getting all together, we got on a bus and headed to Matagalpa.  The bus ride was beautiful, and many of us were lulled to sleep for some greatly needed naps.  Upon our arrive to our hostal in Matagalpa we were all taken aback by how beautiful it is!  We have a leafy courtyard full of tropical trees and plants and even a talking parrot!  We got settled in, had lunch, went over some rules, and got in some down time.

After a delicious dinner (we’re LOVING the food) we had our first nightly meeting!  I think everyone is relieved to be finished with the long travels and ready to settle in to our rhythm here in Matagalpa.  As a leader, I’ve been incredibly impressed by your students and their positivity, openness, maturity, and warmth.  I already feel so lucky to be part of this group!