Your Site Manager Yohanny is reporting from Santiago as The (former) Lider Of The Day (leader of the night I should say)! I apologize for posting late, but as you can imagine tonight has been busy as we settle into our hotel in Santiago and get ready for an early wake up call to head up the mountain to Constanza!!!

We landed and arrived safely to the Dominican Republic just a couple hours ago.
Tonight, is our first day (night) all  together in the DR, and even though everyone is pretty tired, we want to let you all know that we are very excited about this journey that we have just begun together! Even through a late arrival we can sense the excited and positive energy from this group and we know this is going to be an awesome 18 days!!!

Tomorrow morning we will be waking up at 6AM to head to Constanza and move into “Dilenia’s Hotel & Restaurant” the place we will be calling home for the next 2.5 weeks. We will meet the owner Dilenia and her staff.

Tomorrow morning Vilmaris the Program Coordinator, who will be El Líder del Día will wake every one up bright and early and share all about tomorrow’s fun filled day which will be focused on History and getting to know the city better!

**Now it’s Thursday, June 30th. Stay tuned for news on our first day in Constanza tonight!