They are finally here!!

At the airport, just before getting to the guagua.

It’s been 24 hours of waiting and making changes in our itinerary due to the problems with the flights, but finally they arrived. All of them perfectly safe. After the flight we picked them up at the airport and then we got in the gua gua (bus) for a 4 hours ride to San Juan de la Maguana from Santo Domingo.

I loved seeing their faces for the first time in person and getting to hug all of them at last. I love how they stayed positive no matter what happened and how they have been supporting each other.

Big love specially to our two amazing GGLs, Annie and Jessica, who have been taking care of them and dealing with all the situation in the States and in contact with us. thank you very much ladies for all you are doing for this amazing group of young passionate people.

Stay tuned for lots of fun and information to come.

Welcome drink at Onaney, our accommodation for these two weeks.