My job as leader of the day starts the night before with the bedtime calls. I woke up today at 6:30 AM to give wake up calls for the rest of the Glimpsers. We had a busy morning, waking up to find that 110 women that were also staying at the hostel for a religious retreat. After a simple breakfast including a warm, cinnamon-tasted oatmeal drink, all of us got on the bus to head to Saltos (Spanish word for waterfall). We hiked past Salto I and reached Salto II after a steep slope. After climbing down to Salto I, we swam in waist-high water. We all stayed within the given limits of how far we could swim for safety reasons. As leader, I was so proud that we were following directions. Thanks to the adult leaders who were constantly checking up on us and providing us with what we needed, it was a fun day!

Upon our return to the hostel, we attempted to watch a movie. Unfortunately, due to power outages, the projector stopped working, leaving us with about an hour to burn. All of the Glimpsers were unfazed; we immediately jumped to finding different activities to do during the extra time we suddenly got. Huy, our GGL, kept most of us entertained with a game, while some others took the chance to rest.

At 6PM, we were introduced to our Community Action Project through a seminar. We then enjoyed a delicious dinner with native ingredients like yucca. The nightly meeting was our last event of the day like usual. We shared what we felt during the day and ways we can improve for tomorrow to wrap up our day. I passed “the torch” onto the next leader of the day. Although today was physically exhausting, it was very rewarding. All of the Glimpsers were extremely supportive of me and followed my directions to the point. It felt good to have all of them depend on me to lead and to be able to pay them back for their trust. Also, it was inspiring to see Glimpsers help each other out throughout the day. Many people were checking on each other to make sure we were all doing well. The Glimpsers’ sacrifice and dedication inspired me to do better as a leader.