Hey Glimpser family and friends! This is Amélie and Zach here to report to you about our wonderful Environmental Day! After an early wake up call and quick breakfast, we headed out to Uverito Beach for the cleanup. While the rain originally seemed like it was going to stand in our way but we marched on and began the cleanup. During the cleanup, many of us found just how much small trash there were littered across the beach and realized the impact of individual decisions on environments health. It was an amazing experience that not only allowed us to help the environment but teach us a little bit about each other as we all worked together towards one great cause. With a little help from our PCs (Program Coordinators) we were able to take a detour and see the mangroves learning more about how our little clean up and have a big impact. We then headed back to the hotel to rest and get dressed before having a quick lunch before going to our fourth session of English tutoring.

Though the attendance has been spotty, most groups have seen improvements in both our own teaching abilities as well as the students’ English level. While it is only half way through our teaching lessons we couldn’t be more surprised at how voracious they were to learn new English words and grammar and to begin use in practical applications, at least more than American students. We couldn’t be more proud of our students and the progress that they’ve made so far. After a little bit of free time and resting we also planned our CAP presentation for tomorrow ending with our regularly scheduled nightly meeting and a meaningful bonding time.

While being LDD has been challenging, it is ultimately a rewarding task that has allowed us both to step up and take charge. As tiring as it was this truly was an experience that I will gladly take over again.

Shout out to Mom, Dad, Daisy, and Ava! -Zach

Lots of love to Mom, Dad, and Ate. Miss you all so much and can’t wait to tell you more! -Amélie

¡Hasta Luego!