Hey Everyone, Mariela here!

Today was our last CAP work day! If you read the last post, then you know yesterday we finished our hatchery. The plan for today was to work on the mural in Pedasí to promote helping the environment. This morning was pretty rainy, so our plans had to be changed.

We started by shopping through some of the local artisan shops in Pedasí. Due to the rain, we temporarily changed the mural to smaller plywood signs that we worked on in the park. As we waited out the rain we stayed at Selina. Many of us journaled, played pool, and got portraits drawn from Luigi. We had sandwiches for lunch at Selina. Once the rain cleared up we quickly went to the wall and began working. Though this was a big wall to paint with 19 people, with the help of an artist and some community members, we were able to finish our mural!

By the end of the day we all had paint all over ourselves. Everyone was extremely tired. But most of all we were proud of all the work we did and how we could accomplish the mural. We hope that this mural motivates, educates, and inspires the community to take care of our ocean. Luigi (the artist we partnered with) had a big smile on his face upon finishing the mural. His free spirit and passion for art motivated all of us to push through and paint.

As Líder Del Día I am extremely proud of our group today. Our plans changed today and everyone was extremely flexible. Everyone was constantly willing to help and positive throughout the whole day. Looking back I am very proud of my peers for what we accomplished! Being LDD today was fun and a bit stressful, but the day went well.

Shoutout to my family👨‍👩‍👧‍👧, love you 💕and I can’t wait to tell you all of my stories!