Hey Everyone, here Brayan your favourite Global Glimpse in country leader and today´s leader of the day reporting from San Cristobal.

Today we had the chance walk around San Cristobal for the first time, today was a really sunny day, this morning we had a couple of seminars that will prepare us to deliver our Community Project and after getting some tips on culture and safety we started to get ready for out city tour, but only after having the one and only chicken cordon blue that left us wanting more (even though some of us got seconds).
Once we recharged our water bottles and got into the bus ride we all felt the excitement of the tour and the important people we were about to meet today.
We arrived at Plaza Constituyentes, a monument that represent the 38 constitutions that existed during the history of the country, not so long after we finally got to meet our Youth Ambassadors! We broke the ice with a name game “this is how I move” where we all got out of our comfort zone and jump in the middle and show our best moves, we laughed and continued with the tour, soon we arrived to the museum “Jamás al Olvido se ira tu recuerdo” owned by Jose Ventura a.k.a El Hippie who is a collector and kind of historian of Trujillo’s era. El Hippie shared with us some of his life story and a lot of facts and anecdotes about Trujillo, like how people couldn’t look into his eyes or how the country was better ‘organized’ during that era. Some of our fellow Glimpsers asked a couple of challenging questions that add some spice to the speech, hopefully we all get some chance to do our own research and judge ourselves the life of this dictator that shaped the history of the Dominicans.

We continued our walk and we spotted the cool places to go once we get the chance to walk around in San Cristobal, more likely on our free day, and we finished the tour at Parque Piedras Vivas were Flora surprised us with a well deserved Ice cream. Luckily the sky got a little cloudy and freshened up and we also got to see a little cultural fair/expo in the park. We saw a Taino hut and some Dominican handcraft and souvenirs.

Once we got back to CONAMUCA, we dove into English tutoring seminar with the support of the Ambassadors, Glimpsers planned their first tutoring that will take place tomorrow! (Wish them luck!). And finally we got dinner and ended up the day with a self-reflection about first impressions and the nightly meeting.

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Brayan Torres.