Dear New York Glimpsers,

We are so excited for you to finally arrive in the Dominican Republic on Thursday!  After so much preparation, the time is here!  You’ve applied, beed accepted, attended afterschool workshops, received your trip assignment, gotten to know others on your trip over pizza (yeah, we saw that photo on Facebook!), packed your bags (mostly) and are getting mentally prepared to embrace the life-changing experience that is coming at you after one more sleep.

San Juan has been preparing for you all year, too.  We have a top-notch hotel (some rooms even have AC!) as our home base, a gourmet restaurant where we will eat all our meals (please let us know of any food restrictions or allergies as soon as you see us!), the sweetest bus driver ever (Gracias, Christian!) and a team of local youth ambassadors who are eager to share their culture and language with you! Our itinerary is packed to the max so that you get all you can out of these 20 days, so make sure you arrive well rested!





We are your coordinator team, Janice (who is from San Juan) and Carina (who is also the DR Country Director)! We share a passion and pride for the Dominican Republic that we are excited to share with you.  Janice is also an English teacher and Carina also walks on stilts in the Dominican carnaval!  Carina has lived in Brooklyn, NY for 8 years before moving to the DR and Janice has travelled to Mexico.

Double check that you have the following essentials:

– Waterbottle

– Pens

– More conservative/ “nice” clothing than you would normally wear (San Juan is a small town and there are NO tourists)

– Lots of bug spray and sunscreen

OPTIONAL but helpful:

– Materials/ teaching aids for teaching English

– Whiteboard markers (Expo) for your coordinators 🙂

– Donations of school supplies/ books for our community partners

– Our CAP project involves CHILDREN, so anything that they would enjoy!

We can’t wait to meet you at the airport!