Hello beautiful glimpsers and GGL’s,

We are happy and excited to welcome you into San Juan de la Maguana city this coming week. Something that has warm our hearts is how much our students from the past 2 delegations have learned, experienced and loved being around this city as well as us and living the adventures we have prepared for you all. Getting to live this journey is for sure a rollercoaster of emotions but at the end it is so worth it, rewarding and life changing. One of the things we are very excited for this time is our Environment Day trip to a beautiful place in Barahona (south of DR), where the view, the awesome vibes of the place and it’s people, we know it is going to be great.

Get ready friends! because you will be immerse in a 16 days packed schedule, it will be very hot and at times you will not always be as comfortable as it is back home but we are very confident you will enjoy every single activity and experience here.

We are super excited to finally meet all of you and lead you every step of the way. Melina and I are so different but at the same time we have been rocking the program for the past 2 months. Melina is someone who really enjoys nature, quiet times when she can just read and chill as well as a good adventure out somewhere pretty with green areas and water. She loves languages (ask her how many languages she can speak and she will love to share more with you), meeting people from other cultures and loves having deep conversations with anyone. Me (Jelly) on the other hand, I am someone who enjoys art, photography and being around people. I am a very passionate soul who likes to travel, live new experiences and I have an ability to connect with anyone who approaches me in a very fast way. I like to talk about random topics and laugh at pretty much anything (I’m just cool to be around :D).

To both of us this is our first time working with Global Glimpse and we have gone through thick and thin together but have definitely love our experience with every student that has come here. At times, it has been very challenging but we have decided to take things day by day and solve every problem the best way we can and with a big smile in our faces (it makes such a difference). Once again, we are very excited to see you all and ready to show you all the good stuff San Juan has to offer.

P.S. having you guys being our 3rd delegation, I think we have mastered the art of running this program and we promise you to do our best to run it as smooth and on a happy note as we can.

As one of our GGL’s from last delegation kept telling us, make good choices out there but bring us some good stories as well, we will be happy to hear! Until then friends.

BIG LOVE to you all for joining this program.


Jelly & Melina 😀