Our day started with a 7:30 wakeup call by the second Lideres del Dia (LDDs), Tyra Wiles & Rosalind Perez. Last night we experienced an amazing, new, and fun environment: English tutoring! We explored ways to break the language barrier and teach English to Spanish-speaking teens.

After breakfast, our mental warm up was guest speakers from Salvemos Nuestra Casa. These special people are a part of an environmental group founded by local college students, to clean local rivers, creeks, and roads, prevent littering, and spread awareness about the damage of littering to local inhabitants. This mental warmup was to prepare us for the field trip to Valleriquito to see how the school is incorporating the three R’s (reduce, reuse, & recycle) into their daily school lives.

Once the mental warmup was complete, we left for Valleriquito. After arriving we were given a tour of the garden by two grade-school students, and they showed us the different types of plants in their gardens and their use. The students used old tires and soda bottles to house them. We made sure to use biodegradable materials to wrap plants that weren’t ready to be placed in the ground. We separated into different groups to make (Spanish) signs with the children to put around Las Tablas, reminding the community to recycle at all times. Before we returned home, the students of Valleriquito performed a series of beautiful songs for us and we danced to the beat of the drum and the voices of angels.

After arriving back home we had lunch and transition time to relax and freshen up for the rest of the day. Next, we did an energizer called “telephone” which connected back to our idea of good communication amongst one another. We moved on to our CAP 1: Discovery seminar, which prepared us for our community action project location and a little more insight into where we will figure out ways to contribute their community. Following this we started English Tutoring prep, which is when we prepare our lesson plan for the night. Then we ate dinner and went to IFARHU, where we taught our planned lessons. Last but not least, we returned home for our nightly meeting and lights out at 10:30.