Today was our first full day in Estelí, and we can now officially say we know the city – after all, we did walk its entirety on foot!  The theme of the day was “history” so we started by learning a bit about Nicaraguan history – from the FSLN and the Sandinista movement to present day.  Students were asked to ponder, “How important is history in the development of a country and how does it relate to the now in the lives of its people?”

To see traces and elements of what we learned, we visited the Museum of Estelí, admired the sprawling murals throughout the city, and talked to locals in the open-air market about their daily work. Here are a few pictures from our tour of the city. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Beautiful murals throughout the city


Museum of Estelí

Students also got the chance to try somewhat of a Nicaraguan staple – gallo pinto.  A mixture of fried beans, onions, and rice! We loved it so much, we turned it into a chant. When I say “gallo,” you say “pinto!” “Gallo!” “PINTO!”


Students enjoying breakfast – eggs, gallo pinto, and plantains!

bfast2  bfast4bfast3