HELLO Glimpsers!!! Im so excited about our trip in less than 3 weeks. I am the other GG leader/chaperone on this trip. I have been crazy busy finishing up school and participating in 2 graduations as I teach at 2 high schools in Davis, the DaVinci Charter Academy and Davis Senior High School. I teach all things Art; Drawing and Painting, Photography – both film and digital, Ceramics, Printmaking and AP Studio Art. I also have been celebrating my sons 21st b-day and my daughters High School graduation this last weekend. The parties are over, my family and friends have returned home and now I can focus on all things CARIBBEAN! I have never been to this part of the world but have been drawn to this area for along time. Cant wait to meet all of you and experience this beautiful and highly cultural country of DR. I just read the first few days of blogs from the June delegation and the music and dance sound amazing- better get a bit of practice in before I go. Also really looking forward to the unique place we get to call home for the trip. I have spent quite a bit of time living in the elements and absolutely LOVE it. Ill share my crazy stories with you there. I am aware that the BUGS can be the hardest condition to bear but I doubt it can compare the summers I spent in Northern Canada, where the bugs were our greatest rivals and nemesis- even more than the bears and I SURVIVED IT! Bring Deet infused bug spray and Ill share a few tips to tolerate their presence when we get there. Ill be reaching out by phone this week to personally connect with each of you! Seana

Here are a few images of the type of painting I do. My latest interest as an artist is to paint in oils , alla prima,  which means I am in the physical presence of my subject and try to capture its energy, gesture and character in a single painting session. I will be bringing watercolor supplies to share if anyone is interested BUT NO PRESSURE….

seana burke oil painting Davis Paintout 2012