“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others”.

Today, in the morning we spent an hour brainstorming about project ideas for our project in a community school. After we had up to 20 ideas on the whiteboard, we started to filter and discuss in detail about, who feasible and needed each idea was. Also our level of personal passion and opportunity to involve the community were being discussed. At the end of this process, three big project group  formed:

Group 1) Painting the interior of the classrooms in fresh colors, with the alphabet and numbers on the walls. (side project: painting hopscotch and foursquare patterns on the playground)

Group 2) Constructing shelves for the kitchen and for books in the classroom (side project: repairing broken down chairs)

Group 3) Repairing the broken bathroom door and increasing its safety for young children

Secondary Project) Planting seeds for vegetables, flowers and fruits in the school garden.

At afternoon, two of the teachers of the community school came to our hostel and our Glimpsers presented their ideas and action plans with great enthusiasm. The head teacher was deeply touched by the level of our commitment to help and thanked our Glimpsers from the bottom of her heart for their contribution to the school. “What you will be doing will last for many years and many future students and teachers will benefit from your actions. I wish that God blesses and protects you”. It was definitely a profound moment for all of us and with a big applause we thanked Profesora Mercedes for coming all the way to our hostel to listen to our project.

At afternoon, we enjoyed free time and half of the group went to the supermarket in the center of León until we enjoyed dinner in our favorite restaurant in “Quiero más”. It was an impactful day for all of us and the words of Profesora Mercedes still echo in our minds: “Wherever you will go in the future, always remember this little school in Nicaragua. You will always be welcome here!”