Hey Global Glimpse families, this is your leader of the day Antonio Mendieta informing you about our exciting adventure here in in Nicaragua. Today, the most important and fun filled activity that we did was go to a Nicaraguan High School. Everyone in the morning had butterflies in their stomachs and had their hearts pounding due to the suspense of shadowing a High school student. However, once each glimpser met their student they greeted them with a smile and a hug or a handshake.The Global Glimpse leaders were like proud parents seeing their kids go in alone into their first and only day of school. The schools over here are slightly different than the schools back at home; the classes are larger (containing more than 40 students), they are louder (I could barely hear the teacher because she was trying to speak over the students), and they are longer (they only have one break and they stay in the same classroom for more than 4 hours). Some teachers don’t even seem to care, for example, some teachers don’t show up while others don’t have their lessons heard because there is too much ruckus. It makes me thankful that we have small classes and teachers who care for us, so that we can have a better education and a better understanding of the world. Regardless of the classes, our new friends were extremely friendly. Towards the end of the day they wanted us to come home with them. Of course, we couldn’t, so instead we said good-bye to our new friends. The rest of the day was pretty much the usual, except we had English class at night, which was great. I always look forward to teaching English with my co-teachers Yorbelly and Nancy. In the end, it was a great day filled with new connections, new experiences, and learning how the Nicaraguan schooling system works. HS photo