Happy 4th of July!
Yesterday, July 4th, the Glimpsers kicked off their holiday. with a delicious American breakfast followed by. our fist 3 hours of free time, during which many. Took the opportunity to call home. After exploring the city, we returned to the hostel for a quick. lunch. We then divided into groups to visit. Nicaraguan schools. and get a glimpse. Intto the life of a Nicaraguan student. We boarded public busses and arrived at 2 seperate schools where we split yet again into groups of 2 or3. to. Sit in on variousclasses .(and in some cases even taught ) We learned about many subjects. Ranging from Ancient Human History to Physics to Philosophy. During th e2. Hours we were there, the Glimpsers saw the interesting relationships between the teachers and students here in Nicaraguan public schools. When it was finally time to leave, we said goodbye to some brief acquaintances and climbed onto the public bus ses. On the way back, the Glimspers thougth back to the day before and made comparisons and distinctions between the public schools and the private ones here in Leon, Nicaragua. During this time, we think many in our group came to realize how truly lucky we are as US citizens to recieve such a high standard of education. Backat the hostel, the Glimpsers. Took some time before dinner to visit the ocal supermarket and prepare for the3rd session of English tutoring. At 6 PM. With our stomachs full, we began said classes where both students and Glimpsers adhad ablast with theEnglish language. To end the night in a more American way, the Glimpsers headed out to a Nicaraguan ‘club’ where we danced the salsa and celebrated American independance.

Yours truly,
Caitlin and Alex