Hello Everyone! This is Winnie typing, and I was the first leader of the day.

We all had a very early start to our day today. I had to wake everyone up at 5:00AM (the earliest time we had to wake up so far)! After that, everyone got ready and was

ready to go by 6:00AM. We headed over to Alfredito’s for breakfast as usual, and it was a pretty speedy breakfast– still delicious though! After breakfast, we took a 15 minute walk to Nuestra Seniora Del Rosario, where we shadowed high school students! When we arrived at the high school, we got paired up with students that we would shadow. We shadowed the students at the high school from 7:00AM-10:45AM. We attended classes such as Biology, Economics, History, and Mathematics. After attending classes, we had recess for about 30-45 minutes! It was such a great way to bond with the students at the high school. Soon after, we headed to Alfredito’s for lunch! Lunch was delicious, but the 3- hour free time following lunch was even better! During free time, some glimpsers went to the Internet Cafe, while other glimpers went out to shop and eat! We also taught our second English Lesson at Casa de Cultura. The glimpsers were very creative with their teaching methods! (i.e. jeopardy, singing, etc.) After a long day, we headed back to Alfredito’s for dinner. We all finished dinner, and headed back to the hostel for our nightly meeting. Overall, it was a pretty simple day that consisted of new exposure to different experiences. 

Sneak Peek: Tomorrow, we will be visiting Basurero. We’ll learn more about the dump, and the inhabitants of the dump. We’re looking forward to more eye-opening experiences that will impact our lives for the better!

With high hopes,


Winnie in a science class!

Winnie in a science class!

** Sorry about only posting 1 photo! I tried uploading more pictures, but the Internet wasn’t cooperating. (Funny because it only uploaded the photo of me.. hahaha) I’ll try to upload more pictures during our free time tomorrow! Thanks for understanding. 🙂 **