Hola, its, Armond(o)! Today I began by waking the group up at around 5:25am, which is super early, even earlier than normal call time. At 6:00 we walked down to the good Alfredito’s, where we were given a break from the usual gallo pinto, and instead ate ham sandwiches. We then proceeded to walk for 10 min. to Colegia de las Monjas where we were matched with students from the school to shadow.

Walking into the classrooms I felt like a celebrity. The children gave me bracelets, and even tried to offer me money. I even took quite a few selfies with the class, and exchanged Facebook and Twitter names. Although it was difficult for me to understand what the students were trying to communicate to me, an hour into being with them I began to understand more and more. We had conversations about Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Beyonce, and even games and shows I did not even think existed here in Nicaragua (you learn something new every day). I was glad the students and I have a lot in common, being that we are from two different cultures. I was torn having to leave the school, having bonded with the kids in just in the matter of hours.

After shadowing we came back to the hostel to begin our workshops for our English classes where we will be teaching and to started our intro to our Community Action Project “CAP” that we will be executing in a matter of days, so stay tuned… From all of the walking we did we worked up an appetite and walked over to Alfredito’s to have our scrumptious gallo pinto. Mmmmmm… We then, for the first time, took a local bus to visit another school in Rosario, where we played games and interacted with students who were a little more advanced in English. To finish off our day we had dinner, and then headed to the Casa la Cultura to watch a play presented by Frenchmen, however it was in Spanish so I understood none of it! The show was amazing and aside from shadowing, was my favorite part of the day.

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