Hello All:

My name is Shanelle Grant and I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York to two VERY Jamaican parents. I went to Catholic schools in the Bronx from Kindergarten to High School. I went to SUNY Buffalo State for 5 years before I got my Bachelors in Education. While at Buffalo State, I did something similar to Global Glimpse where I got to visit another country and learn about its history and see a lot of poverty stricken areas. I went to DR and I learned a lot about their education system and I got to teach students English for the 3 weeks while I was there. It was amaze balls. I am excited for our trip to Ecuador, mainly because I’ve never been there before, but also because I get to attend a service-learning trip from the perspective a teacher. I am also excited to share this unique experience with the Riobamba crew and I know we will have a great experience together. I hope you all are ready because I am. See you soon!

Best wishes,