After the two weeks of being here in Granada, as the second delegation, many of us have lots to share to our fellow family and friends.


(Today’s blog may be set up a little different, due to today being a free day. I thought it would be heartwarming for the folks back in the states to hear a little piece of some of our glimpsers’ experience here “at home”.)IMG_2642

During our experience here in Granada, Nicaragua we have truly found in our hearts our personal definition of the program Global Glimpse. Min personally feels as “Global Glimpse is a program designed to help high school students gain greater perspective of the world. Through GG I’ve been experiencing something new each day that I would have never been able to try myself.” Min, along with other glimpsers feel lucky to be a part of Granada’s second delegation.

“I’ve never felt so close to a group of total strangers that sometimes I catch myself calling the hostel my home. Because in Granada we are a family of 20 diverse teens with 4 loving mothers,” Truong added.

The 20 of us came from all different places, most of us not knowing even one person to start. From Crystal’s perspective, ” I was scared of not getting along or connecting with my fellow glimpsers before this trip and as of today, its not something I am afraid of anymore. They’re not just fellow glimpsers, they’re family.”

Destiny added, ” I’ve never opened up to a group of people so quickly. No one get’s left behind and we’ve all bonded throughout the whole trip. I truly have love for everyone.” Apart from achieving a close knit family we’ve also have accomplished many other things.

Liz has accomplished “seeing a new perspective on the world and gaining a much needed appreciation for everything [she has] back in the states.”

We all use our free time to accomplish our personal wants or needs for the day. For example,  Gaby says, ” I enjoy being able to shop and explore with other glimpsers. Also taking advantage of calling home and hearing family/friends voices and telling them we miss and love them.”

As Faven believes,” Free time can be a time to catch up on much needed sleep.” Naps during free time are a must, due to our packed agendas that gather our most memorable experiences.

Dylan’s best experience so far is, ” Listening to music in the hammocks at la Laguna, and going crazy eating at the mango farm.” In addition Emely would relive culture day, where “pottery making in the morning to dancing the traditional Nicaraguan Folks dance in the afternoon” that made us bond and become a stronger family. Many of the experiences that we have been having during the Global Glimpse program will impact our futures.

Omari feels  “It is allowing [him] to get a chance to see the world from a different perspective.” Francisco adding, “This trip is once in a lifetime.”

Us glimpsers have much to bring home to you all, Shout out to Lizbeth’s family who will receive “a new positive attitude and Nicaraguan coffee.” Kevin’s biggest challenge will be ” Leaving our family of 20.”


As you can see us glimpsers are having a fantastic savvy traveler experience. Global Glimpse is a really great program and we are all glad to be a part of it. Thank you to MaCall and Ena our Program Coordinators  for making this happen. We all truly appreciate all your hard work. It all truly works out because we all are getting the best experience possible out here and we couldn’t do it without the best leaders. Big thanks to Birdie and Luz for their hard work and dedication.

If you guys haven’t noticed there’s much love out here in Granada, Nicaragua. Not just by us glimpsers but also by all the locals.


Today was our last day of English tutoring and we can all walk away successfully and say all our classes ranging 0-10 students walked away learning something new. Not only did we teach them the last 6 days, they taught us as well. Even though goodbyes are hard, we know the next delegation will pick up from where we left off and continuing the most important role, teaching them English.

Today I handed off the torch to Gustavo & Pedro who will be leading our first CAP day. We will strive to achieve making benches, soccer goal posts, & beautifying the school with flowers. We are also hoping to donate a Nicaraguan flag. ” The CAP project will help the school because we will be giving the school the things they need most that they don’t have,”  Victor Explained.

P.S. Departure day is coming up soon and we all are wishing for more time at our home away from home!

Thanks for much needed help on the blog from Liz ( I couldn’t do it without you) and other glimpses.

Big love to all,

Goodnight and sweet dreams