Nicaragua2014 (4 of 2)            I am thrilled to meet all of you and to travel with you to Bonao!  mvrop-141-2 (1)

I have never been to the Dominican Republic, but I’m doing a good amount of reading and research to get ready. I totally recommend In the Time of Butterflies, The Brief Wonderous life of Oscar Wao and The Feast of the Goat.  Also if, you are in the Bay Area, don’t forget to save the date for a meet up on July 7th 1-3pm for a potluck hang out, we will meet at the columns and then head over the picnic tables with a bit of shade.

I believe in the importance of global citizenry, social responsibility, and experiential learning through travel, which is why I have signed up again for a 2nd year of Global Glimpse.  (Much to the dismay of my dog, Zola who will be 2 on August 22nd, but hey at least I will be back in time to be there for her birthday.)


So after we meet up or whenever you get a chance please post an intro – with why you are a GG’r, a fun fact/skill, what you are most excited about and what you are worried/afraid of.

I’m training for a spartan race on July 18th and am a photography/media teacher.  My biggest worry is the political situation and policies for folks of Haitian decent, this makes me very sad/mad/frustrated as it is history repeating itself and I think people should know better by now.  I am most excited about meeting all of you and witnessing the transformative process of travel integrated with purpose, service, and knowledge.

shiloh b.