Good day Global Glimpse families and friends, welcome to the second CAP day! This is Malia and Hector writing to you from Aquiares, Costa Rica.

Today we left the base house earlier than usual to get to the school so we could get a head start on the ranches and painting. We finished painting a bathroom, kitchen, and fences as well as preparing the foundation for the second ranch. Doing the second coat of paint provided us with a more detail-oriented lens to look at our project while rotating between the different roles gave us deeper insight into all aspects of the project. We were surprised by how well we all worked together and could swap jobs or take breaks without downtime. We had never known how to construct a building from scratch, along with how simple yet tedious it is. We are most proud of finishing some of the projects we started yesterday and our ability to direct people—even when most were exhausted from the heat.

Being a leader on a CAP day was an intimidating, but rewarding experience that taught us both the importance of good leadership in the face of grand projects.

Tomorrow is our last CAP day and will be led by the one and only Ketzally! We look forward to seeing her shine and lead us to victory!

That’s a wrap, peace out,  Malia Choy and Hector Espinoza