We are excited to welcome all our new Glimpsers from all over the Bay Area in California! The SJ2B delegation arrived on time and were greeted at the airport by the San Juan 2 PCs, Jelly and Melina. We then went on a four hour bus ride from Santo Domingo to San Juan de la Maguana, where the Glimpsers could enjoy the diverse, mountainous scenery of the Dominican Southwest. Since the Glimpsers had such a long journey from California, most of them were fast asleep the whole bus ride. We completed our first Welcome Orientation Seminar and Glimpsers had their first taste of Dominican cuisine at dinner. We had our first nightly meeting where we introduced tomorrow’s agenda (History Day!) and showed Glimpsers the GG Unity Clap. After a long day of travels the Glimpsers are finally sleeping in their rooms in Centro Monseñor Pittini.