Hey everybody (which basically means relatives and extremely devoted friends or more than friends 😉 ). I am currently seated in our common area listening to Jeonna and Humberto argue about what is in the mojitos we are drinking (I promise there is no alcoholic liquid in it). They are distracting me so its probably gonna end up taking me hours to write this post for ya’ll. Today was a very exciting day because we went to school! Yay! I know we were all really getting bored with our summer vacation and really wanted to get back to school already. Sidenote: Fran is now distracting me by commenting on how slow I’m writing this. But with all seriousness and putting all sarcasm aside (which is extremely difficult for me) it was truly an educational and fun day in many ways.


5:30 was our amazing early wake up time for this day and after a close call of me falling back asleep after my 5:20 alarm only to be woken up at 5:33ish by Amanda who for some reason was up, we managed to be at breakfast at 6:15 (on time). After some very frooty froot loops (probably off brand, but still deliciously sugary) we got on the bus to a private school called Liceo Catolico. Sidenote: Fran is sassing me about taking a long time again, and Jeonna has had 4 mojitos as of now. At Liceo Catolico we were each partnered up with a high school student and sent to class. For the next three hours we sat in on their classes in science, physics, math and more. We got to know the students and the education system in Nicaragua. Most of the students had big dreams for their future and really wanted the best life for themselves, but also seemed to not be paying attention in the classes. It seemed to all of us to be an odd combination. After three hours of awesomeness and eye opening learning, we took lots of pictures and then we had to say goodbye (after exchanging Facebooks and planning a soccer game for later in the week of course). Then we were off to the next school: Fabretto.


Fabretto is a school for preschoolers up to highschoolers based in Estelí. We got a tour around the school from Octavio, the Fabretto coordinator. We saw all the adorable students and the amazing teachers and then got to serve some of the preschoolers their lunch and eat some lunch ourselves. After learning more about the amazing work Fabretto is doing for the kids living near the dump in Estelí, we said our thank yous and goodbyes and headed back to the hostel. We took a public bus which ended up breaking down part way, so we had to wait for while on the side of the street for another one. We didn’t have to wait long, and then after partly falling on top of a couple of people while standing on the bus we made it back to our home for the past week and a half, and this next week: Hostel Tomabu. After some much needed sleepy nappy time for us all, we went out for the second stage of our CAP project: buying stuff. We split up into three groups and were off buying everything from sparkles, to plants, to tires, to wood, to paint, and more. It was definitely an adventure. My group personally got lost twice and wandered around not actually knowing where we were going multiple times as well. The woodworking group also decided to lie to us about getting all of the stuff they bought stolen just to mess with us, and for some reason we actually believed them. I will never trust those four again. Just kidding 🙂 After getting all the stuff for our CAP starting tomorrow (its so soon! And we’re all so pumped!) we went to another delicious dinner (picky eater talking here too). After dinner we had our nightly meeting where I made Eric get his makeup done by Jasmine so that he could be the next lider del dia for tomorrow 😉 (sorry Eric). After some self reflection group discussions, I am here finishing up this blog after writing for probably close to two hours because im a really slow writer. Now I’m really tired, as I’m sure everyone else was because it is only 9:15 and it is pretty silent. Thank you for reading about our fun school and shopping day (sorry if it was a very scattered post, that’s kinda how my weird brain is). And now I am off to go get rested for the first day of our CAP tomorrow!!! Goodbye 🙂P1160472