Since our working time on the community action project was cut short yesterday because of english tutoring, the Glimpsers decided to wake up at 5:40 am to ensure the maximum amount of progress on the second day of CAP. A usual breakfast was awaiting the group at 6:30, at Buffet Estelí. After grabbing the lunch boxes we were off to pick up sand bags (which required five glimpsers to carry them), plants and more glass bottles from Sonati.

Just like yesterday, we slipped into four groups as soon as we arrived to the new school campus of Fundación Cristal. The gardening group continued painting multiple recycled tires which were later on filled with soil and plants by the same group. The painting crew made significant progress on the blue and yellow base paint and were even able to start our mural with the help of members of other groups. The craft crew finished decorating all of the plastic bottles and Alex started hanging them from the roof. The last crew, which I am a part of, is in charge of all the wood work. We were able to finish constructing the four benches with tremendous help from Nathan and a sick Humberto who was still extremely helpful. While Jennifer and Nathan started to paint our benches, the rest of the group started making soccer goals. After numerous failing attempts (one of which included Eric almost losing his thumb after I hit him with a hammer), we once again required Humberto’s help to be back on track. All four of the crews had to stop working at 4:30 pm to start cleaning up before taking the bus back to our Hostel and eating at 6:30 pm at Buffet Estelí.


Please check in tomorrow to read about the last day of our Community Action Project.


Ps: Jasmine is severely upset because her lovely parents are not commenting enough on the blog.

PPS: Hey this is Eric I just wanted to do a quick shoutout that I forgot to write on my blog yesterday to my mother for writing everyday on our blog. I really appreciate it and I’m thinking about you guys everyday here. See you guys on Monday!