[Posted a day late because of internet issues and we were exhausted from yesterday’s activities!]

This morning we woke up and had breakfast in the restaurant.  We travelled, once again, to the beautiful community of Nuario.  Since we had three projects to accomplish, our second day was devoted to reforestation.  We labored to plant as many trees as possible, ending up with an impressive 180 planted.  We divided and conquered the task at hand but only after some trial and error.  The best way for a group like this to accomplish a task is to have a common goal and separate into smaller more manageable groups.  This streamlined the process of planting trees and then we could really set to work with coas (a Panamanian shovel that breaks up dirt and severs roots), palacoas (holedigging tool), and our bare hands to plant saplings.  We didn’t have access to any machetes or power tools for safety reasons (don’t worry, mom and dad!) but they would have made the entire process much easier… 

We returned to the hotel, spent and blistered, and were given a half hour to relax.  We then returned back to work with the intent, this time, to create our last full-length English lesson plan.  After a lovely dinner, we headed to Ifarhu.  We had varying degrees of success with our lessons but they all learned something at the end of the day.  Tomorrow is our last day with our students and while we will certainly miss them, it has been a lot of work.

Our third and final day of CAP is tomorrow and we will be planting the remaining 70 saplings, finishing the plant beds at the school, and tidying up the vivero.  We went to bed early so that we could get a lot of rest and wake up invigorated.