Hi guys 🙂

I’m Jenny Nguyen, and I’m currently a junior at Independence High School, which is located in San Jose, CA. I am grateful that I was accepted into the Global Glimpse program because I really do feel that my perspectives and my global awareness will be so much more expanded by traveling to a developing country and immersing myself into the culture and the way life is for them. My trip destination will take me to León, Nicaragua, the trip date is so close, and I’m so nervous but at the same time, feeling exhilarated because I’ll be meeting my delegation, with whom I’ll be spending 3 weeks with. This marks the first time that I’ll be venturing out of the states alone and into Central America, I’ve been counting down the days (31 more days! ^_^)

I’ll share some things that I love to do, I really like to read but haven’t had the time to do any reading, as I’ve been caught up with my AP’s. I love playing with little kids and helping out others. I’m also going to be the President of Club Everytown for the next school year (2013-2014), some of you might have heard about Camp Everytown, some might not have. I also love doing community service, as I’m a member of Key Club 🙂 Well, it’s getting late, I’ll stop here. I’ll see you guys on June 1 at 10:30 in SFO, as I can’t go to the meet and greet on May 26 because I’ll be in San Diego.

Until we blog again, see you guys!