Today was an exciting day because we were able to rest and recharge and continue to bond with one another. We were also given the opportunity to explore the town with our GG youth ambassadors. Some of us went to the bakery to buy some delicious treats like churros, doughnuts, iced tea and other yummy sweets. Others were able to go to the grocery store where they bought snack and candy. Some people went to a store where they sold bracelets, backpacks, clothes and other things. All of us were extremely grateful for the time that we got to explore the town of Constanza, which also prompted people to have stronger relationships with each other but also created new friendships.

Today was also our first day of English tutoring. All of us felt nervous about teaching because we had no background on teaching a class. But what really helped was the seminar that we had a couple days ago to prepare us to teach and feel confident in what we would teach. At the end of the day when we had finished the English tutoring, we all felt accomplished and helpful. No one had anything negative to say, on the contrary, people were saying how engaged their students were and how eager they were to learn. Everyone was so happy that their students were on task and that they were participating. We were all so grateful to be able to have this opportunity. Overall we had an amazing day filled with adventure and accomplishments.