Today is Sunday, July 1, our first free day. We woke up later than usual, and started off our day with a traditional Sunday Ecuadorian dish at Roma Santa, which is called hornado. It consists of lettuce, corn, roast pig, and a special chile sauce. !Fue muy delicioso! After breakfast, we split into 3 different groups in order to have a smooth adventure around Riobamba. All of the groups ended up at Plaza Roja to do some shopping and found some great finds. After we finished shopping, 2 of the groups went to try Ecuadorian ice cream that turned out to be really different but equally great at the same time. The other group explored the beautiful Simon Boliver’s house, which was later turned into a restaurant. After our first 2 hours of free time, we met back at the hotel to regroup in order to go to lunch. During lunch, all of the groups decided that they wanted to spend the rest of their free time at Parque Ecologico.

The park was very different from the parks that we have at home yet it was a unique surprise for us. It was filled with families, dogs, and various activities. Some of the activities were paddle boating, multiple playgrounds, a river, and many vending stands. We spent a few hours exploring the area and trying some of the activities. Many of us went paddle boating and it was still a memorable experience. After walking around in the hot sun, many of us were ready to head back to the hotel for some down time. When we got to dinner, Isabella and her son Nelson were welcoming as always. She always cooks us the best food, and Nelson always has the jams playing. Dinner is a big highlight among all of us because of the many laughs and smiles shared.

Sundays in Ecuador are days when people chose to rest, so many of the shops and businesses were closed. Our free day was not what we had anticipated, but adventuring around Riobamba had a bigger impact on all of us. It taught us skills such as responsibility, maturity, and togetherness. Now, we pass the torch to our next leaders; Joanna, Marina, and Yvonne.

p.s. We love and miss you all!!!


Kathy, Amy, and Sarina <3



Beautiful view during the hike to the park


At Plaza Roja shopping for souvenirs