Happy Friday!

Our students are spending their final night camping and reflecting about their experiences in Ecuador. This night is designed to be a low-tech experience, so students will be posting their daily blog post tomorrow instead of today.


Students spent the first half of the day alongside local students and painted the classroom of a local kindergarten.




Students then traveled about 20 minutes north of Bahía to the tranquil reflection and camping site. After spending time reflecting and bonding around a campfire and underneath a sky full of brilliant stars, students will head to their tents to sleep in the clean, fresh air.  Tomorrow afternoon, students will be saying goodbye to the Bahía region and will begin the first leg of their journey home!


We also want to reassure parents that students were not affected by the earthquakes early this morning in the Amazon region and Guayaquil, and their itinerary should not be affected. We will be closely monitoring the situation and put safety of our travelers first.

Warmly, Jonathan