Luna Daury, 2019 Glimpser

Westfield High School, Westfield, Massachusetts

Traveled to Guaranda, Ecuador


Listen to an originally composed song about her Global Glimpse experience:


For my storytelling submission, I composed a song called “Bright Vibes,” which expresses all of the feelings I experienced while traveling to Guaranda, Ecuador last summer. In the beginning of the song, it starts with a quiet tone, representing my nervousness but tranquility I felt before meeting all of the other Glimpsers. As the crescendo continues to build into the main melody, it reflects my journey traveling to an unknown part of the world and how I felt at ease knowing my new friends would support me during this trip. My level of excitement continues to builds throughout the song. The solo part from 1:22 to 1:48,  signifies all of the new experiences that I have never done before.

From milking cows, to eating guinea pig (cuy), to climbing Chimborazo – all of these experiences have taught me that there are so many opportunities that lie just beyond my comfort zone and inspired me to set higher goals for myself. As the song transitions back to the main melody again, it represents the connection of the knowledge I received from the Global Glimpse monthly pre-trip workshops, and applying these new skills during my travel, on days such as Working like a Local day. The key change at 2:15 signifies the conclusion to a wonderful trip – I came home with new set of skills and knowledge of different cultures and communities. In the future, my goal will be to help use my knowledge of my own community and my experience of interacting with different communities to make a change in the world.