Based on my Global Glimpse experience, I’ve learned to appreciate the origins I came from and recognize the extreme measures history has had on us that impacted all communities from all backgrounds. Interacting with communities in the Dominican Republic, this trip was a life long, eye opening learning experience for me as it was beautiful to see such the innovation,resilience, and solidarity these communities held in such a manner that is admirable. It gave me the opportunity to develop wisdom and an in depth understanding of community as solutions cannot be solved with just one person, but rather one team. This experience provided the opportunity for not only myself, but others to self reflect on what community means and how we can come together to create sustainability through commitment, courage, and compassion. This painting reflects the pride I put into my origins that shaped me to be who I am today and being in Global Glimpse helped confirm my identity on who I want to be in this world and how it can be helpful to communities all over the world.