Today was a emotional yet inspiring day for the Glimpsers. We first traveled to a very beautiful place, Constanza. We visited a school founded by an Angel Moreta. He shared a very powerful story explaining the struggles he had to go through in order to start the school. He explained what he sees in the students, he sees futures in these students lives but it’s hard. He has to deal with knowing the fact that 45% of students between the ages of 12-16 are sexually active although not all are consenting to these acts. He tries to help by giving students time to talk to a psychologist and he also tries to keep in touch with the students even after the graduate/ move on.

After listening to his story, we then proceeded to enjoy our lunch with the amazing group from the Constanza delegation. We were able to socialize with each other and bond over the similar experiences that we have partaken in through this trip so far. This was honestly a very empowering day.

The most touching part of the day was visiting the dumps in Constanza, D.R. Most people would feel really bad for the people who actually have to live in the dumps, I did not. Honestly, they gave me joy. They were only had a positive view on life and hey are very resourceful. We had made kites to bring so that we can bond with the community better, mine was damaged and incomplete. One of the members living there, took a plastic bag and completely created a kite from scratch. We would have shared more pictures but we did not use our cameras. The people living on the dumps are not animals. It was best not to take photos of a dump or that environment because our purpose was to make human connections and enjoy their company, we are not tourists.

Him and the other members of the community completely inspired me and gave me a new outlook on life.


P.S: We miss you families!

Hello Grandma, yes I’m still being a pain but I am safe.

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